About the Bartlesville Genealogical Society

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History of the Bartlesville Genealogical Society

In April 1973, Boyd Webster and Jack Thornberry held a meeting to begin organizing what would become the Bartlesville Genealogical Society. Ten people attended this initial meeting. In May 1973, the group met again and appointed a By-Laws committee with Marvin Langston as chairman.

The first official meeting was held in June 1973. The by-laws were presented and voted upon. Boyd Webster was elected the first president.

The newsletter was first published in September 1975 with Marvin Langston as the editor. Alice Ann Askew became the editor the next year and served in that role for many years.

The first Beginning Genealogy Class was held in November 1975 and their first workshop was held in April 1976.

An ongoing project of the Society has been to add to the genealogy collection in the Bartlesville Public Library. Over the years we have bought books, quarterlies and multiple volume series of books. We have also paid to have the quarterlies bound. Many of our members (both living and deceased) have donated part of their collections to the Family History Room.

The Society has abstracted and published the marriage records of Washington County from the beginning of the county through 1920. Members of the Society spent many hours on this project. Because of a shortage of manpower at the library through the years, Society members have helped to shelve books and volunteering their time in the room to help people who come in for their family search.

The Society began its very popular Ask a Genealogist Day in May 2006. Once a month a BGS member is available to work with anyone who needs genealogical help. to answer questions and offer suggestions of overcoming the inevitable genealogy brick walls.